Moananuiākea Voyage

The Way of the Navigator

Join us on our journey to circumnavigate the Pacific and inspire others to action, creating positive change around the world.

Over the next six years, the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) will embark on a circumnavigation of the Pacific to elevate and amplify the voices of the Pacific and to inspire, illuminate, and ignite the next generation of 10 million Navigators and their voyages for a thriving Future Island Earth.

Our Vision

On May 1, 2026, Hōkūle’a will celebrate the 50th anniversary of her landmark maiden voyage. Through our Moananuiākea Voyage and our kuleana—our personal sense of responsibility—we are ensuring a lasting voyaging legacy that will continue for another 50 years and beyond. Our vision for a thriving future for Hawai’i, the Pacific, and the world relies on educating a new generation of Navigators who will make good choices for a better future.

Our Voyage Goal

Inspire, educate, and elevate a new generation of 10 million Navigators for Island Earth by 2026.

These new leaders will possess and demonstrate the Navigator Mindset—the courage to face the coming storms, the responsibility to act as stewards for our planet, and the resilience to rise to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.






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Making Future Island Earth a Reality

The Moananuiākea Voyage: Our six-year journey will circumnavigate the Pacific to elevate and amplify the voices of the Pacific people and ignite the next generation of Navigators for a thriving Future Island Earth

The PVS Voyaging Academy: Our school program and lab will allow students to learn about Hawaii’s cultural, social, and natural environments through education and active ocean stewardship, preparing them to navigate the future.

The Third Canoe: Our virtual platform that will connect millions of aspiring Navigators to participate in exploration, research, and lessons from the voyage as it unfolds.

Inspire + Illuminate = Ignite

A blaze begins with a single spark. Likewise, the positive change we wish to see in the world starts with inspiring hearts and minds, illuminating the way forward, and igniting a movement of those who share and live the Navigator Mindset.

We will Inspire: Our ambitious Moananuiākea Voyage and our amazing PVS crew who model the Navigator Mindset will inspire communities around the Pacific through telling stories of courage and resilience and by sharing innovative and sustainable solutions.

We will Illuminate: Our Third Canoe platform, our PVS Voyaging Academy, and our partnerships with Kamehameha Schools, University of Hawai’i, and Arizona State University, will educate others, sharing the Navigator Mindset and illuminating the many paths and voyages that will bring us to Future Island Earth.

We will Ignite: Our efforts will be the fuel to ignite 10 million new Navigators who will pursue critical and inspiring voyages to ensure a better future—forging new pathways forward through ocean exploration; sustainable innovation; food, water, and energy sovereignty; island ingenuity; and more.

Meet our crew:

Meet our amazing crew who embody the Navigator Mindset and inspire communities around the globe.

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