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Promise to Pae‘Āina

As Hōkūleʻa sails the Worldwide Voyage, her crewmembers are on a mission to compel the global community to take up a unified and collaborative approach to environmental challenges that are affecting all of humanity. Underscoring this need, voyagers are seeking stories of hope and mālama honua from communities and leaders who are inspiring bold and innovative solutions around the world. These are the great navigators of our Island Earth. Consequently, natural questions arise: What is being done to improve the places we call home in Hawaiʻi? Who here, is navigating the path to a better future?

The Promise

In response to these questions, 20 marine resource management organizations, spanning the federal, state, local government and private sectors, penned the Promise to PaeʻĀina (the Hawaiian Archipelago) on April 23, 2014. Today, more than 60 organizations and 150+ individuals have committed to and are actively supporting this unique collective impact initiative. These are our five commitments >

P2P Resources:

Our Livelihood copy

1. Our Livelihood
Ocean-based enterprises are sustainable; guided by cultural heritage, facilitated by relevant science, authorized by sufficient management capacity, and optimized by new opportunities.

Our targets are to:

  • Explore a stronger fisheries management framework with scientists and fishers.
  • Strengthen fishpond restoration through knowledge pooling and improved collaboration among practitioners statewide.
  • Systematize marine monitoring to determine healthy reefs across Hawaii and contribute to a centralized database for improved management.
Our Island Home copy

2. Our Island Home

Caring for our island communities, lands and waters through partnerships and action.

Additional Resources

Our targets are to:

  • Increase restoration in wao akua (upper watershed) through enhanced acreage of native forest under protection and policy support.

  • Improve watershed health in the wao kanaka (lower watershed) through coordinated action for sustainable and resilient communities.

  • Elevate actions for healthy, resilient and sustainable coastal communities through statewide networks.

Our Future copy

3. Our Future

Collective investment in our future leaders is priority, providing the proper tools, training, and experience to advance this work beyond our own lifetimes and abilities.

Our targets are to:

  • Determine scope of existing conservation internships, fellowships, youth training programs and other similar education opportunities that are in Hawaiʻi today.

  • Based on the scope, build a career pathway tree for individuals interested in conservation careers.

  • Contextualize career map with broader scoped Promise to Children , the educational initiative of the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage.

Our Responsibility copy

4. Our Responsibility

Build capacity to sustainably manage Hawaiʻi’s ocean resources for generations to come.

Our targets are to:

Aligned with Governor David Ige’s goal to effectively manage 30% of nearshore marine waters in the Main Hawaiian Islands by the year 2030 (part of the Sustainable Hawaiʻi Initiative), this effort will develop a shared narrative and a checklist of 5-year collective priorities focused on: collaborative science; aggregate impact of coordinated statewide, regional, and place-based management efforts; improved enforcement, and; innovative and optimized funding.

Our Heritage copy

5. Our Heritage

Our island way of life will thrive through community-based co-management of our marine resources.

Our targets are to:

  • Build stronger community networks locally and internationally.
  • Launch central online resource for communities called