Crew Profile: Robert “Bob” Perkins

PVS Member Since 2000

HOMETOWN: Redondo Beach, Calif.
PRIMARY DUTY: Senior Captain
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Tools, carpenter, electronics, and ground tackle

Bob Perkins, originally from Redondo Beach, Calif., will be the Captain of Hikianalia from American Sāmoa to Aotearoa. He is also the director of Honolulu Community College's Marine Education and Training Center.

Bob feels Hōkūleʻa embodies the spirit and determination to make the world a better “island” on which all mankind live in peace and harmony. He feels the Worldwide Voyage will take the Mana of the canoe and share it with the communities of the world and show the practices of sustainability through conservation and good stewardship.

While he will be at sea Bob will miss the ability to walk on the beach during sunrise and sunset, but when he ends his voyage he will miss most, the camaraderie between crewmembers.

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