Crew Profile: Kaleo Wong

PVS Member Since 1999

HOMETOWN: Koʻolaupoko, Hawaii
PRIMARY DUTY: Navigation student
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Fishing and cultural protocol
Kaleo Wong graduated Kaiser in 1999 and went to college and has a B.A. in ʻŌlelo and Hawaiian Studies and is a conservation biologist. He is not married nor has any children.

Kaleoa joined PVS in 1998 through a high school program called Haʻolōkahi and now looks forward to traveling south and retracing his ancestral pathways, reawakening that history and tapping into ʻike kūpuna.

With all the kulena of being a crewmember, as well as having three other tasks, Kaleo’s biggest challenge will be remaining fully engaged in the navigational teachings and trainings in the appropriate space.

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