Bonnie became involved in voyaging in 1995 when she was introduced to the voyaging canoe Makali'i and began training and sailing on her. While working towards a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, she sailed aboard the tall ship Tole Mour. She had the opportunity to sail as watch captain on the E Mau voyage to return Pwo Master Navigator Mau Pialiug to his home in Micronesia. Bonnie then joined the charter school Halau Ku Mana where she helped launch the voyaging canoe Kanehunamoku to teach voyaging traditions to youth. In 2002, Bonnie became a licensed merchant mariner and holds a 50-ton masters license with sail endorsement. Bonnie hopes that the Worldwide Voyage will create and support experienced crew that will come back to Hawai'i to share their voyaging lifestyle with Hawai'i's youth.

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