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Update | October 23, 2014

Welina me ke aloha! This is Kaʻiulani Murphy coming to you from the deck of Hōkūleʻa. We are in Nukualofa in the harbor on the island of Tongatapu. We left from the island of Vavaʻu, also in the Kingdom of Tonga, yesterday morning and sailed about 160 miles. So it’s an overnight sail, about 24 hours it took us. We had a very good navigation training night because there was total cloud cover, maybe a few minutes a couple times in the night where there was openings in the clouds so we can see some stars to reaffirm our heading. Otherwise, it was a beautiful night. Both crews are healthy and safe and sending our love to our ʻohana back at home. Mahalo nui for all of your support and allowing us to be here and reconnecting with our ʻohana in the Kingdom of Tonga. We are looking forward to meeting the people here in Tongatapu and getting ready for our next leg of the voyage, which will take us to Waitangi (Aotearoa). Mahalo nui again for following us on Aloha!

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