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Update | November 7, 2014

Naalehu AnthonyWritten by Nāʻālehu Anthony.

Aloha all,

This will serve as your Nov 7th update.  Winds started off light and from an unfavorable direction this morning, Throughout the day we have gained ground more towards our intended course as the winds clocked more southeast.  We are anticipating seeing land late tomorrow or the glow from land in the evening.  The Maori crew are very excited to be sailing home.  I think Nick Marr said it best today:

I first touched the port manu of this canoe in 1985 when I was 12 as she came to my home in New Zealand. I had no idea how that would change my life. It’s an unreal experience to be sailing home now and to know that the last time that she was in New Zealand was that long ago.

Hōkūleʻa is like another love of my life. I got to take her home with my Maori brothers from Aotearoa and Hawaiians with which we have built a long history together.  Being in the canoe world has connected us all.

With that I will leave you with the dinner we ate tonight. We landed two aku within minutes of each other.  They were quickly made into panko crusted delight.  Rice and fried tofu on the side.  Canned peaches for dessert.  We are truly blessed

More soon,
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