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The Worldwide Voyage Hosts an Underwater Field Trip

ʻŌiwi TV’s Bryson Hoe explained, “Today we are running a virtual field trip with crewmembers at the Reef HQ in Townsville, Australia, students from Pt England School near Auckland, New Zealand, and students here for the PVS leadership program. In Australia now we have Worldwide Voyage crewmembers at Reef HQ. And what they are doing is there is a diver underwater and as he’s swimming he’s recording what he’s seeing. And they can explain to the students what’s happening in front of them and the students can interact and ask questions about coral species, and fishes that they see. It’s a lot more interactive.” 

Maleko Lorenzo, member of the leadership program Nā Kelamoku, said “It makes me realize what we can do with technology right now in this day and age and how powerful it is to be able to connect with people around the world. As we mālama honua and think about how we are taking care of this earth, the ocean is a big part of this earth and the reef, it’s important for me to be able to connect with other cultures and other people around the world and see what they are doing.”

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