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Navigation Update | November 5, 2014

Aloha, this is Kaʻiulani from the deck of Hōkūleʻa. We left Rangitahua, the island also known as Raoul, the first of the Kermadec chain. We saw it two days ago, Monday, November 3. We took all day Monday to sail up to it. In the evening, we were sailing by it, and by sunrise we had just a faint sighting behind us. Since we left the island, we sailed about 150 miles in the direction of Aotearoa, which is Noio Kona, or just a few houses South of West. We have another 400 miles to go, so we are anticipating with good weather that could be there in four days or so. We did have some good winds since we left Rangitahua but we also had some lulls. Today, the wind is actually switching around on us, so we are hoping to have the good weather we’ve been having. We’ve been blessed with wonderful dry weather. Last night we had our first squall come through and got us a little cleaner with that fresh water rinse. We’re having another sunny day out here, and looking forward to continuing along with all your aloha! So continue to follow us at

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