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Hōkūleʻa Update | May 17, 2015

Captain Bruce Blankenfeld

Aloha, we left Coffs Harbor finally this morning. The weather was very marginal the whole time we were there. Making our way to Sydney right now. Yesterday, the surf was big and the channel at Coffs was closing out. This morning the swells subsided and the winds subsided, so they gave us a good window. So now we’re headed off to Sydney. This is Sunday morning and we’ll be in Sydney Tuesday morning, a bit late. We’ll be about four days late but we’re hoping to catch up and do a lot of education outreach with the people of the land there and the children, and hosts. The crew did really well. The crew on Gershon did really well this morning, heading out of the harbor. It wasn’t that easy, so it was a good example of seamanship and canoe handling. So I’m really proud of everyone onboard and also on Gershon who did a really good job. We’re out at sea safely now, and pretty much the wind is off of our nose so we’re towing right now. No sailing because we would be driven out to sea a little too far. So we will see what happens further down the line. Alright, that’s my report for today, thank you.

Kai Hudgins

Aloha, this is Kai Hudgins, Hōkūleʻa crewmember. We are making a move out of Coffs Bay after holding up seven days for weather to pass. We got some sunshine, oceans have calmed down a little more. We plan on being in Sydney in two days. So aloha to the ʻohana and everybody at home. Stay tuned to Aloha.

Duane DeSoto

Aloha everybody at home, Na Kama Kai ʻOhana, just wanted to say howzit. We just left Coffs Harbor. We’re heading out to Sydney right now. We spent about a week there just waiting for the weather to clear up. As you can see, we still got a little bit of weather but it’s a lot less then what we’ve been dealing with the last couple days. So stay tuned to and check us out while weʻre in Sydney, Aloha.

Joia Karen Holman

Aloha, we’re blessed that the weather is clear, you can see this gorgeous rainbow behind us. We’ve just come from Coffs Harbor, where a very generous and sweet community welcomed us and cared for us while we were there. And we’re looking forward to making our way to Sydney meeting the people of Sydney and the Aboriginal communities and learning more about how they mālama honua down here in Australia.

Please help keep us sailing for future generations. All contributions make a difference for our voyage. Mahalo nui loa!

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