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Hōkūleʻa Update | February 17, 2017

Aloha all,

We’re whipping along here, in great Hōkūleʻa fashion. We’ve been at 6-6.5 kts steady all day, changing sails about 7-8 times throughout the day searching for the right sail set to match the speed and direction that we needed. Our navigators are on a 24-hour watch, doing a great job and working well together.

Below is the technical update that they generated about the last 12 hours.

SB 72,

Voyage Day: 8

Speed and Location:
Average speed 6.5 kts (Max = 7+ kts, Low = 4 kts)
Last 12 hours: 72.5 nm along Nalani Kona, 60 nm South and 0 nm East or West

Heading: Nalani Naleo Kona

Wind: 10-15 kts, gusting 18-20 Noio, Manu Malanai

Swell direction and height: 8 foot Manu Malanai, 6 foot ʻĀina Malanai, and building

Cloud type and %cover: Mostly clear, small trade wind clouds.

Temp: Upper 70’s

Rig: Many, and wide range of sail changes throughout the day, at least 7 different sail configurations. At sunset, we are running Main and Mizzen 36 triangle, and a #7 jib

Wildlife: Marlin and some other large fish got on the line but worked their way off (to our fishermen’s disappointment). Spotted few birds today as well.


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