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Hōkūleʻa Update | February 10, 2018: Nainoa Thompson

Today’s update comes to us from none other than master navigator Nainoa Thompson en route to Puʻuloa, more commonly known today as Pearl Harbor. The sail from Sand Island marks a historic first for the 42 year old deep sea voyaging canoe that has never before entered the Puʻuloa harbor area.

“We are here to pay respect to this very special place, to honor the community that is trying to restore the fishponds, and even the oysters and environment. We are here to also bring Hōkūleʻa close to thousands of children from central Oʻahu.”

The short sail came with clear and calm conditions with a brisk but light wind blowing from the north. Crewmembers were in good spirits with all being greeted by the crewmembers of numerous navy vessels as the canoe toured historic sites throughout the harbor including Halealoha Halemau (Fort Kamehameha Reburial Platform), USS Nevada, Arizona Memorial, Battleship Missouri, Ford Island, USS Utah, and Loko Paʻaiau Fishpond.

Photos © 2018 Polynesian Voyaging Society, Todd Yamashita

For additional photos and coverage of Hōkūleʻa’s Pearl Harbor arrival, visit the accompanying story:

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