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Hōkūleʻa Update | February 17, 2017: Haunani’s Morning Update

Aloha, this is Haunani, one of the navigators on the Leg 28 Galapagos to Rapa Nui crew. We just finished another 12 hours of navigation, and this will be your Day 8 morning update. We have been blessed for the last 24 hours with a consistent easterly trade wind swell that we used to navigate off of in the day, and we had one of our clearest nights yet with a whole bunch of planets and stars that we were able to steer by. We approximate that we made 76 miles progress in the southerly direction and lost about 1 mile of easting. We believe we are at about 15 degrees South based upon dead reckoning, keeping track of the speed that we had since the beginning of our trip. We confirmed this with latitude stars. So for example, around midnight we confirmed out latitude with Kamaile Hope, or Beta Centauri, as well as Mimosa, which is the left hand in the Southern Cross. So please continue to follow our journey as we make it down to Rapa Nui. Aloha!

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Hōkūle‘a’s visit to the eastern United States is a historic milestone in her 40 years of voyaging.

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