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Hōkūleʻa Update | February 25, 2016

Kawika CrivelloWritten by Kawika Crivello

There are times when not even words give justice to a special moment or time in life. This morning was one of them when we sailed under a majestic double rainbow as if it was made especially for Hōkūleʻa. We all understood that it was a hōʻailona (a sign) of aloha that goes beyond our understanding. Just past the rainbows marked the crossing point from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. But to us, it meant something much deeper than that.


Then word that Eddie Aikau’s Big Wave event was on in Hawaiʻi, and it was then that we knew it had to be Eddie guiding us. Being on Hōkūleʻa at that moment, crewmembers gathered to give respect and aloha to Eddie, who unconditionally gave his life to others. An ʻawa ceremony took place on board where moʻolelo (stories) of Eddie were shared by older crew members who knew him very well. As a matter of fact, crewmember uncle Snake Ah Hee was on Hōkūleʻa when we lost Eddie. A man of very few words, tears of aloha streamed down his face as he shared his memories. While he spoke, his eyes went into a place of the past. Like reels of tape playing in his head, we felt a presence of mana that exudes aloha at its very core – a powerful, spiritual moment indeed for all of us. Our prayers of aloha to the Aikau ʻohana on this day of his event and remembrance.


According to our calculations, we have crossed over 1,900 miles to date.  The crew is in good spirits and weather has been ideal for Hōkūleʻa as she sails the Caribbean Sea for the first time. Though we can’t literally see the island of St. Johns, we see it in our minds as we steer toward Manu/Nalani Ho’olua to pull her out of the horizon. The end of our journey is just below the horizon at the end of a rainbow. Mahalo Eddie and all who have left us and guided us throughout this Worldwide Voyage. We shall never forget. Let the stories be told. Ke Akua pū a me a hui hou

Crossing North

After a 20-month sojourn in oceans south of the equator, Hōkūleʻa has returned to the northern hemisphere in the blue waters of the Atlantic. Please, help celebrate our crew by supporting their journey.

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