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Hōkūleʻa PM Update | July 3, 2015

Aloha, this is Haunani Kane from the Hōkūleʻa crew. We are on our second day of voyaging through the Gulf of Carpentaria on the northern cost of Australia. Last night we had beautiful clear skies, and we were able to use the stars to guide us throughout the night. This morning, we were able to use the sunrise to get a bearing off the swell as well as the southeastern winds. Right now it’s sunset, and we are getting our bearing and direction of our course. We estimate that we went approximately 69 nautical miles traveling at 4-6 knots today. The wind was a little lighter than last night where we were able to sail at faster speeds. We are estimating that we have approximately 134 nautical miles to go before we sight the western side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. We are hoping that by tomorrow’s sunset, we will be able to make sighting of land. We are all really excited and want to continue on our voyage, and once we pass the cape, we will continue towards Darwin. So thank you for continuing to follow us, and if you want to keep updated on what we are doing visit Aloha!

Please help keep us sailing for future generations. All contributions make a difference for our voyage. Mahalo nui loa!

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