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Hikianalia Update | Sept 15, 2018: Happy Birthday Hikianalia!

Poetry and Song for the Birthday Canoe

Today Is Hikianalia’s 8th Birthday and how better to celebrate her than with some poetry and her own song, freshly written and performed by the Alahula Kai o Maleka Leg 01 crew!

Timing couldn’t be better either as Hikianalia will tomorrow take the spotlight as she makes her official public arrival near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

Hikianalia, Sail with Me

Performed by Kalani Asano
Written by: Archie Kalepa, Kalani Asano, Arii-Matatini Tamaehu, & Seren Tokumura

Hikianalia, sail with me
From the land of Aotearoa
To the oceans of Hawaiʻi
As we learn to voyage to perpetuate our genealogy
Hikianalia, sail with me

Hikianalia, sail with me
Give me the tools to learn from the sea
Bringing many together, creating new families
Hikianalia, sail with me

Hikianalia, sail with me
Give us a voice to speak and eyes to see,
Keep all the people strong, perpetually
Hikianalia, sail with me

Hikianalia, sail with me
Riding the waves for all to see
Indigenous knowledge from sea to sea
Hikianalia, sail with me

Leg One Crew Haiku

Keala Kimura:

We all watch each other
We all take care of each other
We are voyagers

We are the core crew
Deep sea rated and very skilled
We are voyagers

Itʻs good to be us
We voyage the seven seas
And treated like Kings

Fish please come to me
As I try to feed my crew
Fishy Fishy Please

Protect your captain
Take care of the canoe’s needs
This is voyaging

Gary Yuen:

Open ocean life
Northward 44 (degrees)
San Francisco bound

Severed from isle
Hikianalia sails
While naiʻa swimming

Surrounded by night
Starless breathless windless still
Walking on water

Hoes (steering paddle) slicing edge
Separating the blue sea
Pacific ocean

In dreams warm hearts
Thru the wildest nite apart
In hand yours and mine

A soundless secret
On Hikianalia
Perched waiting sunrise

The glow of day lite
Kissing the darkness green flash
Smiling Lehua

Kimo Lyman:

Snacking and laughing
Across Kanaloa’s realm
Wonderful Voyage

A rough start this year
Ocean healing best out here
Thanks, crew, for the cheer

Learning this out at sea
If all night you want to pee
Drink Tang and coffee

A voyage’s end
Is sometimes so bittersweet
This one certainly

Mahalo Gary
You brought all to haiku zone
Long live poetry

Old Phonecian truth:
Time spent sailing is not lost
From your allotment

Hye Jung:

I start my laugh fit
I do not mean to be rude
But can’t stop laughing

The sky opens up
And the moon finally shows
Too high to measure (in terms of checking for heading in navigation)

Keli Takenaga:

Dolphins visit nite
Bioluminescent lite
Psychedelic site

Sailing thru da high
Its like floating on a cloud
Staying warm and dry

A typical day
Waʻa stories with Timi
Bend over laughing

A typical nite
Monty python with Captain
Bend over laughing

Playing with plankton
And creatures unda da sea
Makes us so happy

Gary da legend
Of food and joking action
You win (Yuen) that’s his name

Kalau Spencer:

This may not be
Five seven five
But here I go
Hikianalia to San Francisco
Go Go Go

Sept 13 Photo Gallery

While awaiting the official arrival and welcoming happening tomorrow, the Leg 01 crew spent the week getting their land-legs, preparing the canoe, engaging in some indigenous protocol and making a couple practice runs near the Golden Gate Bridge. Here’s a big photo set to catch you up with things.

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