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Hikianalia Update | Oct 30, 2018: San Salvador Tow

Our very own ʻIliahi Doo, watch captain aboard Polynesian voyaging canoe Hikianalia, is with us today for an extraordinary update

Two historic vessels meet off the coast of Southern California

Update by Todd Yamashita

In what can only be described as extraordinary, Polynesian voyaging canoe Hikianalia has met up with 16th century Spanish galleon replica San Salvador off the coast of San Diego. Crewmembers plan to sail both vessels side-by-side as a lead up to Hikianalia’s arrival ceremony later this afternoon.

Spanish galleon replica San Salvador off the coast of San Diego

San Salvador was the first European vessel to visit the west coast of North America. This unlikely meet up came about when unfavorable south winds were forecasted to waylay our arrival to San Diego Bay–our hosts at the Maritime Museum of San Diego offered to send help in the way of a tow using one of their many unique ships.

Crewmembers along with everyone at the Polynesian Voyaging Society would like to invite you and your family down to our free public welcome ceremony at the Waterfront Park in San Diego Bay today at 4 p.m.

We’ve also lineup of additional events this week including a crew presentation at Maritime Museum of San Diego’s Upper Deck on Fri, Nov 2, 6-7:30pm; Open-house canoe tours and hands-on outreach stations, Sat & Sun, Nov 3 & 4, 10am – 4pm. All events are included with general admission to the museum or, for free tickets, visit

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